Karla. 18. San Diego.

my hands, your hands

tied up like two ships

drifting, weightless

waves try to break it

i’d do anything to save it

My heart #icant

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Socially awkward/Clueless Finn - series 2! These are a sequel to this post.

It’s not until I’ve just read it here that I have realised just how useful Fin’s bowling tips are.  Sorry did I say useful, I meant hilarious.

Seriously, it doesn’t even seem as awkward or teenager-ish until the Awkward Finn comes out.

Fucking dying in the library.

I don’t think the mobile phone line is even that funny.. but every time I see/hear it I find it puts a goofy smile on my face.

I’m printing these out to hang on the walls of my office because they bring me great joy.

The very best.